About us

ICYE is a non-profit international youth exchange organization that offers youth mobility, intercultural learning and service opportunities that offers opportunities for youth mobility, intercultural learning and international volunteer service to help peopleinternational volunteer service to help people break down prejudices and develop intercultural understanding and develop intercultural understanding and competencies for a more just and peaceful world. and peaceful world. ICYE organizes exchanges with an emphasis on social volunteering, featuring. 4 programs: Workcamps- 2 to 4 Weeks. Short Term- 3 Months. Mid Term- 5 to 6 Months. Long Term- 10 months to 1 year

Our mission & Our vision

Intercultural Learning
To provide high quality intercultural learning experiences and opportunities with lasting impact. We strive to develop the capacities of all those involved in our work to contribute more effectively to building a just, peaceful and sustainable world. We are particularly dedicated to supporting young people in developing personal and professional skills, giving them the tools they need to thrive and lead change.
Principle of Equality
As a committed organisation, we work closely with others who share our core values. We join with those who seek justice for all people who suffer social, political, economic and personal injustices. We break down barriers between cultures and peoples, promoting the principle of equality between cultures, nations and genders. Our work is based on providing experiences that foster international and intercultural understanding.
We seek to help participants become aware of issues and problems in local and national communities, with the aim of better understanding global socio-economic and political challenges. We foster active engagement, encouraging participants to act on this knowledge both during their exchange experience and afterwards, thus contributing to positive change in their communities and the world.
Cultural Diversity
At ICYE, we envision a world where diversity is celebrated, where barriers between cultures and nations are broken down and where every individual, regardless of background, gender or socio-economic position, has the opportunity and the tools to contribute meaningfully to a more just, peaceful and sustainable planet.
Global Network
Our vision is projected towards the continuous strengthening of intercultural understanding and global collaboration. We envision a global network of empowered individuals who, through their intercultural experiences and learning, become active agents of change in their communities and beyond. We strive to be leaders in promoting social, economic and political justice, working in collaboration with other organisations committed to these ideals.
Personal Growth
We see ICYE as a catalytic force for the personal and professional development of young people, providing them with the skills and perspectives needed to address global challenges. In our vision, each participant becomes an ambassador of understanding and solidarity, actively contributing to building a more connected, inclusive and equitable world.

Our Team

Meet the amazing team behind ICYE Colombia:

Meet the incredible team behind ICYE Colombia

Committed Leaders

Guided by passionate leaders, our team is committed to the vision of a world where diversity is celebrated and mutual understanding prevails.

Youth Exchange Experts

We have experienced youth exchange professionals who are experts in creating meaningful experiences that challenge, inspire and transform participants.

Learning Facilitators

Our team consists of learning facilitators dedicated to fostering personal growth and the acquisition of essential intercultural skills.

Promoters of Justice and Peace

Each member of our team shares a commitment to work towards a more just and peaceful world, contributing their talents and dedication to our noble cause.

Comprehensive Support

From the first contact to the return after the experience, our team provides comprehensive support, ensuring that each participant feels supported and guided in their international social volunteering journey.

Catalina Marín


Our executive leaders, responsible for guiding the vision and strategic direction of the organization.

Juan David Vargas


Our executive leaders, responsible for guiding the vision and strategic direction of the organization.

Catalina Matiz

Incoming Coordinator and Youth Programme Manager

Specialist in programme design and management to maximise the experience of our participants.

Biviana Cubillos

Administrative Coordinator

Professionals dedicated to ensuring legal compliance and administrative efficiency.

María Fernanda López

Legal Advisor

Professionals dedicated to ensuring legal compliance and administrative efficiency.

Astrid Emperer

Pedagogical Content Development Volunteer

Contributing valuable educational resources to enrich intercultural learning experiences.

Juan Esteban Chávez

Community Manager

Contributor working hand in hand to foster collaboration and maintain an active and engaged community.


We have a diverse and passionate team that includes professionals in various fields, all united by the common goal of making the world a more inclusive and understanding place.